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How a mother of three kids established a startup to help more children to see

Shared by Maryna Zaporozhets on 2022-09-15 18:47

About the solution

Fitz Frames startup was created by Heidi Hertel, a mother of three kids. The idea of the startup is based on her personal life experience. One day, Heidi noticed that there was a problem with one of her oldest daughter eyes.
Mom made an eye doctor appointment right away and was told that her daughter needed glasses because she had a pretty serious eye condition called Strabismus, and if it was not caught before the age of eight, it could be irreversible. After these words, she took her younger daughter who was two years old at the time to check her eyes too. Doctor told that she would probably need glasses as well.

Through this experience, Heidi realized kids can’t always communicate what their issues are. She read a lot and heard from doctors, teachers and parents who said that kids can be misdiagnosed with behavioral or learning disorders, just because they can’t see. But buying glasses for kids has so many challenges. The frustration she felt inspired her to launch her own company, Fitz Frames, to help solve for issues like fit, high prices and their fragility.

The actual difference between Fitz Frames and other companies that offer the same type of glasses is that there is no need to make an appointment with an optician before and spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of glasses that could break easily. The Fitz Frames glasses are 3D printed which directly decreases the price of the glasses as these glasses are much more affordable than the others on the market. Also, Fitz Frames offers a pair of glasses for children that can fit their unique faces, instead of just having two sizes. And what’s better, they don’t need to leave home to try frames. It’s all can easily be done through an app.

Lear more about the startup here: https://www.fitzframes.com/
This story was adapted from https://people.com/parents/how-i-parent-mom-of-3-ceo/

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About the author

Heidi Hertel creates the startup to help solve for issues like fit, high prices and the concern that they might break easily.

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