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Fighting dementia with flowers and activities

Shared by Jorge Cohen on 2014-03-25 15:42

About the solution

Realizing a lot of dementia patients were going through the same struggle, Dennie recruited more women to help her. They started planning simple activities to engage with the people they would visit and called the group Lady-Links, because their mission is to link people, by maintaining the necessary links in their lives.

In Dennie’s words: “What makes Lady Links different is that we go to the ‘dear friends’ home, and we do the activities that they like to do.”

Lady-Links tips are: “Connect with the person who has dementia”, “be patient with them”, “avoid correcting them” and “reminisce with them”.

In their first visit they took flowers with them and let the lady they were visiting sort them out and put them in the vases.

Dennie was nominated for the Inspirational Senior Texan contest and ended up being a runner-up, what totally surprised her. Dennie says the award really changed her perspective: “I realized what a unique idea Lady Links is, and that other people value that idea. My new goal is to publicize what we have done and see it expanded into other communities. Right now I don’t know of anyone who has duplicated our efforts”.

Adapted from: http://lady-links.com/

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About the author

In 2013, Dennie Lindsey, from USA, was inspired by a conversation with an Alzheimer patient’s husband to try and do something to help. He told Dennie his wife needed friends, a thing she didn’t have in Highland Springs, where they were living.

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