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Inventor created mechanical page turner for e-readers

Shared by Ana Ribeiro on 2021-04-07 09:58

About the solution

Inventor John Dingley created a “simple device that allows anyone with co-ordination impairment, muscle weakness or hand tremor to turn the pages more easily on a Kindle e-reader”.

He started making him at the request of people who had difficulties using their Kindle e-reader because they had trouble using the small button on the side of the device that are meant to turn the pages.

So, John designed a 3D-printed device that fits into the Kindle and has 2 large flaps on each side that, when pressed, press the small buttons and make the pages turn. This makes it much more manageable for people with coordination problems, muscle weakness, hand tremors or other movement impairments.

The design can also be used on the Kindle version with a touch screen since, according to John, “I am getting feedback from people with MS for example that tapping the lever each side is still much easier than tapping the screen correctly every time.”

The complete set of instructions and materials do replicate this design can be found on the Instructables website, where John posted it under the username” XenonJohn”.

More information: https://www.instructables.com/Kindle-Page-Turner-3D-printed/


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About the author

John Dingley, known as user "XenonJohn" on the Instructables website, has created an adaptive page turner at the request of people with disabilities. His creation allows for reader with disabilities to easily turn the pages on their e-books with having the difficulties of using the small buttons of the device, which can be very hard to press for people with movement disorders.

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