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Daughter creates innovative knee pads to protect her father’s knees at work

Shared by Ana Ribeiro on 2021-01-29 18:22

About the solution

For 30 years, Vicky’s father, Gordon, had worked as a joiner in a carpentry workshop which took a toll on his knees. He suffered from arthritis and complained of constant pain and discomfort. “His knees had taken a beating over the past 30 years and current gel and foam pads on the market just weren’t cutting it”, Vicky says.

And so, Gordon asked his daugther for help. “One night over dinner, he joked, why don’t you design me some new knee pads…and the result was Recoil Kneepads”, Vicky explains. Being a product designer, she got to work and designed special cushioned pads that use a system of springs placed between two layers that absorb the impact and spread the pressure across the knee.

The design has been tested by expert the University of Strathclyde who found that the kneepads provide a 76% pressure reduction on the knee, a much better performance than all the other alternatives on the market. Vicky is now director of the company she founded to manufacture and sell the Recoil Kneepads and hopes to help others like her father with her invention: “I’ve seen first-hand, through my Dad, the strain a lifetime in the manual trades industry can put on the body, and I now want to make sure others are better equipped and prepared to deal with the physical demands of the job so that they can continue to work longer, happier and in less pain!”

Adapted from: https://manufacturingandengineering.weareninetwenty.com/about/blog/view/...

More information: https://recoilkneepads.com/

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About the author

Vicky Hamilton, from Scotland, UK, is the founder and creator of the Recoil Kneepads – specialized cushioned pads that lower the pressure on the knee. She was inspired by her father who, after years of working as a joiner, suffered from arthritis and severe knee pain.

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