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Company releases plans for hood that protects doctors when intubating Covid-19 patients

Shared by Ana Ribeiro on 2020-05-25 13:47

About the solution

Akaer is a Brazilian company that develops high tech solutions for Aerospace and Defense Markets. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, they felt the need to use their expertise and resources to contribute in some way to the fight against the virus. After receiving several requests from healthcare professionals, they started working on a barrier enclosure to protect healthcare personnel during the procedure of intubating or extubating patients with Covid-19. This is one of the most delicate procedures for the medical team since it requires close proximity to the patients, increasing the risk for infection.

“What was previously available were heavy acrylic boxes so our team started coming up with ideas and, in a week, we had a design and a prototype. We took it to the hospital that had requested it and it was highly approved.”, explained Cesar Silva, Akaer’s CEO.

The entire design, as well as the production and assembly instructions, are available for free on the company’s website. The barrier has a simple design, being made up of only two main components - a base and a tent – connected with some hooks and tie-wraps. The entire device was made to be easily disassembled and disinfected.

The company is open to any suggestions or comments to make improvements on the project and is also available to take on other challenges that need immediate attentions.

Adapted from: http://www.akaer.com.br/en/covid-19-combat/hygiea/


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About the author

Akaer is company based in Brazil that develops high tech solutions for Aerospace and Defense Markets. During the Covid-19 pandemic they developed a protective hood that protects healthcare professional during the intubation/extubation of patients with Covid-19.

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