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Mum invents a diaper with a pocket for wipes to improve baby routine

Shared by Sara Di Fabio on 2020-02-11 10:10

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Jamie Lee Curtis is an actress and a mum. She is often on the move and well aware of how many things are needed for a complete baby routine. One day, while she was changing her daughter’s diaper far from the wipes, Jamie came up with the idea of a diaper-wiper garment. "In that moment, I said, 'Aha, I have to invent a diaper that has a wiper built into the diaper.' And I invented Dipe and Wipe, and I patented it," Jamie said.

The Dipe and Wipe allows having handy wipes without having to bring two separate things. It consists of a disposable diaper with an outer proof pocket, sealed but openable, containing clean-up wipes.

Jamie patented the idea in 1987 but never produced it. During an interview, she mentioned that now it could be produced with biodegradable materials.

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More information: https://patentyogi.com/historical-inventions/celebrity-patent-jamie-lee-...

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Jamie Lee Curtis is an American actress but also an inventor. She had the idea of the Dipe and Wipe, a diaper with a pocket for cleaning wipes while she was changing her daughter’s.

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