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Visually impaired patient creates company to build affordable glasses

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2019-05-27 17:57

About the solution

Wazi Vision develops a mobile app that relies on virtual reality do perform visual acuity tests. They also provide children with affordable glasses made of recycled plastic built by female artisans from Uganda.

With this, the company is able to reduce the costs of producing these devices by 80% (without compromising the quality), while making sure more people are able to access eye testing services. Wazi Vision also carries out tests on the field, free testing in schools and rural areas in Uganda.

Brenda, who is short-sighted, had the idea to found this company and create these services after she went to an eye care centre, to get tested and buy glasses. She found the service and the glasses to be very expensive, especially for the average Ugandan (average monthly income earned there is $40). She wanted to get a more affordable alternative so that everyone is Uganda could get access to eye care.

So she started researching about what made it so expensive. “I started to look into eye testing, what was needed and if there were any other ways to do these tests without the big (and possibly expensive) machines. I also researched material that could be turned into glass frames because I found out that these are actually the expensive part in the glasses. During my research, I had a few ideas and I also started working on a business model. Because by the time I had gotten into the research I knew that I wanted to make eye care affordable. In June 2016 I officially founded Wazi Vision and my idea had become a business”, the entrepreneur explained.

Adapted from: https://bit.ly/2ARJAkw

More info: https://wazivision.com/

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About the author

Brenda Katwesigye, born and living in Uganda, founded Wazi Vision, a company that provides more affordable and accessible eye care to children aged 6-15. Brenda is visually impaired, and she had the idea to create this company after going to the eye doctor.

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