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Mother invents bag to help daughter who had a kidney transplant

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2018-05-16 09:53

About the solution

Malena lost both of her kidneys to E-coli bacteria. She has to drink three liters of water every day to make sure that her body won’t reject the transplanted kidney. It was hard for the girl to get used to this habit, as she kept losing her bottles of water. With a help from a friend, her mother came up with a solution.

“I had watched her kind of suffer and struggle through all these medical issues for so long. She was always carrying around water bottles and losing them or dropping them, and I was stressing out. 'Are you drinking? Where's your water bottle?' And it was just kind of ruining our relationship.”

HOLSTRit consists of a bag that can be worn across the shoulders or around the waist, and it’s big enough for a 32-ounce bottle of water. It also has zipper pockets for cards, money, phones and medications.

After seeing the impact this innovation had on her daughter’s life, Tamra realized that it could help others - not just kidney disease survivors and kidney transplant recipients. So she created her own company to produce and commercialize the product.

HOLSTRit costs 29.99 USD and can be ordered online.

Adapted from: https://bit.ly/2k1zG9j

More info: https://www.holstrit.com/


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About the author

Tamra Johnson, from USA, is the mother of Malena, who was 10 years old when she received a kidney transplant from her father. Tamra invented HOLSTRit, a bag to help her daughter drink enough water.

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