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Special bra for cancer patients

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-12-17 14:23

About the solution

The prognosis was good, but after waking up from surgery Haley felt horrible.

"When I woke up and opened my eyes, the first thing I did was look down and reach for my chest. I saw and felt this awful suit of armor they had strapped and zippered me into! Couldn’t you find something pretty to put me into?” So my sweet, dedicated surgeon smiled and acknowledged my words of wisdom and said, “Okay Kim, so your next challenge is to make something prettier for women post-op”, Kim explained.

Haley came up with the Medebra, a product being embraced by doctors and hospitals across the country.

The soft cotton garment opens at the front and has adjustable padded straps. Removable pouches to hold post surgical drains Velcro to the bottom edge.
"It's wonderful because it has the Velcro," said breast cancer survivor Rosa Delgado. "It's soft and easy to put on and off."

The Medebra comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It can also be used as a sports bra and a nursing bra.

“The Medebra was designed to make your journey through the recovery process easier. But, equally important to a woman is feeling like a woman and maintaining your dignity and feminity. Medebra is more comfortable to wear than previous post surgery devices and at the same time lets you comfortably choose correct sizes, should you desire them. You may also consider this product acceptable for use long after your treatment is behind you. The choice is yours”, the inventor said.

When applied correctly, the garment will increase blood circulation around the surgical area where a breast augmentation, breast implant, mastectomy, or lumpectomy has been performed. The Medebra surgical garment will also accelerate the healing process, diminish swelling and flush out any harmful bodily fluid from the specific area. In the event of a sudden movement (Example: sneeze or cough), the Medebra garments control will minimize the discomfort.

The Medebra is indicated for use after a wide range of surgical procedures:

Fine Needle Aspiration
Dialisys, Patient with chest catheter
Chemotherapy for chest port.

The Medebra retails for $75, but insurance coverage can reduce the cost to approximately $21 per bra.

More info: http://medebra.com/

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2ge9YOn

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About the author

Kim Haley, from USA, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. She created the Medbra, a bra designed ease post cancer surgery discomfort.

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