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Balloons at different heights to encourage the child to get up and walk

Shared by teixeirajm on 2014-02-05 16:24

About the solution

Like other children with Angelman's syndrome, Gonçalo was late in the acquisition of motor skills. Joaquina was aware of the disease characteristics and the knowledge that her child might not be able to get up and walk, terrified her. The first steps of a child are always too precious to lose without a fight. During a party, Joaquina observed the reaction of her child to balloons around the house, Gonçalo strove to grab them.
Hence the idea to fill her home with balloons of many colors putting them at different heights so as to encourage the child to get up to grab the balloons. The results were fantastic! The interest of Gonçalo in balloons made him try to grab them constantly and, eventually, to get up alone. With the help of this strategy, Gonçalo is now perfectly able to get up and walk without any help.

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About the author

My son was diagnosed with Angelman's syndrome.

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