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Cancer survivor creates new app to help patients overcome chemo brain

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-09-21 17:17

About the solution

“It’s easy to get into your appointment, start talking with the doctor and then completely forget what you intended to ask,” says Ahlstrom. “Then you have to wait a few weeks or months for another visit to get answers to critical questions.”

Chemo Brain Doc Notes provides patients with an easy way to record questions, either by voice or by text for their next doctor visit. Patients can also record their doctor’s visit in a voice memo and play it back later. “Remembering what the doctor said during the visit is an equally big challenge, especially when the doctor covers your diagnosis or treatment plan using complicated medical terms,” says Ahlstrom.

Chemo Brain Doc Notes is a free Android and iOS app that includes a $1.99 in-app purchase to allow patients to email the recorded memos to caring family members and caregivers. All proceeds of the app go to fund cancer patient education, advocacy and research.

“I try to be at every appointment to be an extra set of ears for my friend,” says cancer caregiver Sharon Reamer. “Now if I can’t be there, she can record the visit and email me the file so I know what the doctor said.”

“I am jotting down questions in Chemo Brain Doc Notes any time I think of an issue for my next appointment,” says Liz Smith, cancer survivor. “The app is simple and easy to use.”

Adapted from: http://www.crowdcare.org/new-app-for-chemo-brain/

More info: https://apple.co/2oXKEzr

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About the author

Jenny Ahlstrom, from USA, is multiple myeloma survivor, wife, mom of six, who invented Chemo Brain Doc Notes, an app designed to help patients overcome "chemo brain", or memory issues. This new, free smartphone iOS and Android app helps patients remember the important questions for their next doctors’ visit and what was said during the appointment.

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