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Brett Tripp, Crohn's disease patient, collaborating with Dr. Higgins, 3D printed a custom ostomy wafer.

Shared by Joana Santos Afonso on 2024-01-05 19:32

About the solution

Brett Tripp, the owner of Tripp Design in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has pioneered an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing wearable medical devices for individuals managing Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Diagnosed with Crohn's disease at a young age, Brett's firsthand experience as a patient advocate inspired him to address the lack of customizable options in the market.

Utilizing his design expertise, Brett began by 3D printing custom ostomy wafers in his garage, a project that has since gained momentum. Collaborating with Dr. Higgins of the University of Michigan IBD Program, they have created six prototypes, each building upon the previous iteration. These prototypes are developed based on 3-D models generated from digital scans of ostomy sites and stomas of six patients, ensuring a precise fit and comfort.

One significant advancement in the project is the transition from conventional pectin-based wafers to a more durable medical-grade silicone material. This material not only offers flexibility, allowing patients to maintain a secure seal even during movements but also represents a significant improvement in durability.

Currently, Brett and Dr. Higgins are actively seeking sponsorship to further develop and enhance their project. Their goal is to make their custom ostomy wafers even better, offering individuals with IBD an improved quality of life. The impact of this project extends beyond innovation; it reaches into the daily lives of patients, highlighting the motivation behind their work. They are driven by the belief that they are "on to something" that can significantly improve the lives of individuals managing IBD, ultimately reinforcing the importance of innovation and empathy in healthcare.

Source of information: https://lyfebulb.com/people/brett-tripp/
For more information: https://twitter.com/Trippdesign | https://www.michiganmedicine.org/health-lab/how-3-d-printing-makes-ostom...

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About the author

Brett Tripp, the founder of Tripp Design, is an entrepreneur and patient advocate. Diagnosed with Crohn's disease at a young age, he was inspired to improve the lives of those with chronic illnesses. Frustrated by the lack of customizable wearable medical devices for IBD management, he used his design skills to create innovative solutions. His commitment has led to partnerships with institutions like the University of Michigan Hospital, highlighting the power of innovation and empathy in healthcare. Brett's journey inspires positive change for individuals facing chronic health conditions.

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