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Startup launches free app to help monitor the health of nursing home residents

Shared by Ana Ribeiro on 2020-07-29 21:55

About the solution

To help nursing homes and assisted care facilities monitor their residents, one of the most vulnerable groups affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Portuguese company Create IT launched a new, free platform call “+Próximo” (“Closer”, in English”).

The app allows the technicians and care providers at these institutions to gather healthcare data the symptoms exhibited the residents, like cough, fever or oxygen levels. Then, by analising the data and its evolution, the app classifies the patients according to their associated health risk, recommending the most accurate level of care. The main goal is to keep the residents continually monitors and provide an early detection of possible cases of respiratory infection.

The app was developed in partnership with experts from the Espirito Santo Hospital, in Évora. “The app’s algorithm takes into account the typical pathologies of patients belonging to this risk demographic (due to their age) in order to ensure that, with the help of the app, the patients get to the hospital at the right moment”, explained Teresa Cardoso, director of the pneumology department at Espirito Santo Hospital.

The app is completely free and institutions interested in using it can register at the platforms website. And to further help to monitor the residents, the team at Create IT have launched a campaign to provide oximeters to the institution, so they can measure the residents oxygen saturation levels and insert them into the app, proving a more accurate prediction.

Adapted from: https://www.falandoti.com/create-it-lanca-app-proximo-para-detecao-preco...

More information: https://www.maisproximo.pt/

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About the author

Portuguese company Create IT, in partnership with experts from the Espirito Santo Hospital, in Évora, launched "+Próximo", an app to help nursing homes and assisted care facilities monitor their residents health condition during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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