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Inventor creates solar-powered hand washing sink

Shared by Ana Ribeiro on 2020-06-19 10:14

About the solution

To help his country fight the Covid-19 pandemic, inventor Richard Aning created a solar-powered handwashing sink. This invention was created to allow people, even those living in remote location, to wash their hands and help control the spread of the new coronavirus.
“This is a system we created to help solve the COVID-19 problem. Imagine we have this on all our streets with the Ghana flag on it, it will attract people to wash their hands,” the inventor explained.

The sink is made from a recycled metal barrel and has a double tap that delivers soap from one opening and water from the other. The inventor added a motion sensor so that the sink can be operated hands-free, further contributing to lower the risk of dissemination of the virus. When the sensor detects a hand, the first tap delivers pours out soap and then an alarm sounds to warn the user when water will come out. The sink was programmed to maintain a constant water flow during 25 seconds, the time required for a thorough hand cleaning.
The system is powered by a small solar panel located on top of the sink.

The invention was praised by the Ghanian Government and the Ghana Standards Authority has certified it so it can be manufactured and distributed around the country and internationally.

Adapted from: https://www.adomonline.com/ghanaian-invents-sensor-hand-washing-sink-fro...


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About the author

Richard Kwarteng Aning, from Ghana, is. 32-year-old leather shoemaker. When the Covid-19 pandemic arrived to his country, he decided to help his country control the spread of the disease and created a solar-powered handwashing sink.

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