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Students create tool for their amputee teacher

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2016-12-16 17:09

About the solution

After developing this low cost product, they found out it could also serve other purposes.

“Our design process took many directions however we discovered that this particular design had multi-functional uses. For example, it can help with placing a credit card into an ATM, pick up small objects or even hold a small object into place”, they explained.

The pair entered The Within Reach Design Challenge, and won the first prize for Youth Under 18 Category.

“Our main objective to entering this competition was to invent an object that could ultimately make people’s daily tasks easier. Along the way we learnt about the complexity of design and functionality and with every hurdle are grew more decisive in our task. We hope that you find “The Nail It” to be an adaptive device that can be used effectively therefore making tasks that some of us might take for granted and little bit easier for people who struggle”, the students observed.


How To Hold
You can hold the "The Nail It" between your index and middle finger or between you thumb and index finger (as the image displays above)

How To Print
Best results 
• Resolution:0.20
• Infill: 100% (Must have infill at 100% or print will not properly work)
• resize to your best personal fit 
• large hands +15%

The design files are open source.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2hDiO6H

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About the author

Nima Yahyaabady and Aidan Mansell, from Australia, are high school students who created “The Nail It”, a 3D printed tool that has was originally designed to assist the hammering of nails into an object. They were inspired by their teacher, Mr. Knight, who has an amputated thumb.

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