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System to track autistic children

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2015-11-30 18:19

About the solution

After his seventeen year old autistic son suffered another mistreatment at the hands of a caregiver, Doron Somer sought to find a solution to help monitor Itamar’s safety and well being.

AngelSense has advanced data analytics optimized for personal tracking, an adaptive remote control device with algorithms and its design meets the specific requirements of children with special needs and their families.

“One of every five children with special needs suffers physical abuse, and one of six suffers sexual abuse. And every day in the United States, a special-needs child goes missing,” says Somer.

In 2012, Somer started looking into GPS tracking devices and discovered that existing products are good for keeping tabs on dogs and luggage, not children with special needs.
In full-time partnership with Israeli high-tech executive, electrical engineer and social entrepreneur Nery Ben-Azar, Somer devised a personal GPS device designed especially for special-needs children, who often have sensory issues or compulsive behaviors that cause them to them ditch other wearables. It’s linked to cloud-based analytics and a web app to enable continuous monitoring and alerts in real time, providing a visual diary of the child’s day.
Parents and caregivers can also use AngelSense to share pictures and information to get a holistic picture of the child’s daily activities and serve as a basis for communication with each other and the child.
The AngelSense GPS and voice monitoring solution with smart analytics was introduced to the market in January 2014.

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About the author

Doron Somer, from Israel, born 1979, created AngelSense, in 2013, a GPS and voice monitoring technological solution designed for children with special needs such as Autism and Asperger, such as his son.

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