EzSpeech - a novel app for remote child speech therapy created by a worried mom

Project OUVER - collaborator creates 'do-it-yourself' open-source solution for deaf or hard of hearing

The project came about because Emanuel Ferreira works with a hearing impaired person. “I would enter the room many times and she would not be aware of my presence and would always get scared”, he says. “I spoke to her and she understood me by reading lips, but later, with the pandemic and the use of a mask, I noticed that she isolated herself. So, I started to think that there had to be some way of being able to communicate with her and really give her the chance to “listen””, reports Emanuel Ferreira.

Cooler Heads Amma™ - Breast cancer survivor creates solution to give patients a chance to keep their hair during chemotherapy

Studies indicate a plurality of women consider chemo-induced hair loss to be the most “traumatic” aspect of chemotherapy and nearly 10% say they’d decline treatment just to avoid it.
Scalp-cooling, which some patients say feels like having an ice pack on your head, can help many patients save all or most of their hair from falling out, a common side-effect of chemo, because the cold constricts blood vessels and prevents the cancer-fighting chemicals from reaching hair follicles.

The rig, an Off-Road Wheelchair created by a husband to his wife

Cambry Kaylor was left paralyzed following an equestrian vaulting accident in 2005. Following her accident, her then-boyfriend, Zack Nelson, spliced together two electric bicycles with a seat in the center. He wanted to build her something that could give her a sense of freedom – something she missed since her accident. Once she became accustomed to her new gift, she found that she could finally move around the way she wanted.

WheeStroll - Group of school children have constructed a special wheelchair pram for disabled dad to take his newborn son out for a walk

Just three months after getting engaged to Chelsie, Jeremy King, 37, underwent an eight-hour surgery for a brain tumour in October 2017 which resulted in impaired mobility.
Before his wife Chelsie King, 32, gave birth, Jeremy King, from Germantown, Maryland, was worried about how he would manage to help her. "This surgery changed our lives drastically and we have worked very hard to accept, learn and overcome those challenged but parenting is a whole new set of challenges.", said Chelsie.

Internal Brace - a groundbreaking ligament repair technique designed by a former soccer player

An ACL (anterior cruciate ligament – the main ligament through the centre of the knee which keeps the joint stable) injury used to be viewed as the dreaded curse for footballers, as a return to the game was not always guaranteed. Advancements in technology mean it is not the career death knell it once was, but there is still a 10 per cent re-injury rate and some players still don’t get back to the level they were at before.

Flo Mask - an optimized face mask for kids created by a worried father

Kevin Ngo, a father of three and a product development specialist, wasn't happy with the available masks for air pollution crisis. Living in California, with annual wildfires that result in toxic smoke, lasting weeks at a time, the masks available had huge gaps around the edges or had questionable efficiency with their cloth materials.

XRAI Glass - Revolutionary New Glasses Allow Deaf People and People Who Have Hearing Loss to ‘See’ Conversations

XRAI Glass is a pioneering software product with a mission to enrich conversation for hundreds of millions of people around the world who are deaf or have hearing loss.

Runway of Dreams - a clothing line created by a mom for children that are differently-abled

There are many things in life that we may often take for granted. Especially the things we do in our day-to-day lives that we don’t even think twice about. One of those seemingly simplistic things is getting dressed in the morning. For most of the population, this is something that is done with ease.
However, Mindy Scheier, mom of eight year-old Oliver, noticed her son was struggling with this task. This caused her to inspire change.

Zed - a new baby sleep aider created by weary dads

When Nick's daughter was 3 months old, she would always wake up as soon as her pushchair stopped moving. Nick noticed this problem affected many other weary parents, then on night - at 2 am - he came up with a solution. He made a prototype that reproduced the soothing side-to-side motion of a stroller being pushed along on a pavement. The next day he tried it on his daughter's buggy, and it worrked - it kept her asleep whenever they stopped.

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