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Flo Mask - an optimized face mask for kids created by a worried father

Shared by MJJacinto on 2023-01-05 12:40

About the solution

Kevin Ngo, a father of three and a product development specialist, wasn't happy with the available masks for air pollution crisis. Living in California, with annual wildfires that result in toxic smoke, lasting weeks at a time, the masks available had huge gaps around the edges or had questionable efficiency with their cloth materials.
As a product development professional, it was clear to him that the mask industry forgot about kids when they created N95 masks. In fact, there exists no equivalent mask standards for kids in the USA. This mission suddenly became deeply personal and that's when the idea for Flo Mask was born.

Starting in 2018, Kevin has spent the two years creating the world’s best face mask for kids. Flo Mask uses some of the most advanced filtration technology available, made in the USA, and the filtration media filters particles smaller than one micron. Engineered with the latest advancements in manufacturing utilizing LSR (liquid silicone rubber), it was created a pillowy gasket that contours along the face for all day comfort. Utilizing 3D facial scans of real kids and adults across multiple ethnicities, Flo Mask™ is optimized for a tailored fit and perfect seal. (Patent No. D960,352 S)
Flo Mask team is made up of award winning product designers from Silicon Valley, having spent our entire careers building products for the world's best tech companies. The team has deep expertise in creating solutions around human factors and Flo Mask proved to be one of the most challenging they've ever done.

Flo Mask won the Phase 1 BARDA Mask Challenge in 2021, beating out nearly 1,500 other teams across the USA. This gave the team the confidence to build our adult version, Flo Mask Pro, which is currently one of ten finalists in Phase 2, hosted by BARDA, NIOSH, and NIST.

Adapted from: https://flomask.com/,

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About the author

Kevin Ngo, Inventor of Flo Mask, Founder and CEO of Air Flo Labs, is a father of three kids.
"Living in California, we're subjected to annual wildfires that result in toxic smoke, lasting weeks at a time. As a dad to three young kids in elementary school, I grew increasingly desperate to find a solution as they returned home feeling physically ill. The masks available at the time had huge gaps around the edges or had questionable efficiency with their cloth materials. Clearly not good enough."

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