Man invents stick to help him push the elevator buttons

To solve this issue, the incredible elevator stick was created, a very versatile stick for many uses. He can't tell the number of times he has used his stick to simply reach, push and even pick up items that he had dropped. He added a strong magnet so that he can pick up small metal items like paper-clips, screws and nails. Because it is very lightweight, he frequently carries it with him.

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Man develops bumper for his wheelchair

After designing a custom footrest for his wheelchair, Eric decided to improve it by adding bumpers. The first bumpers he designed were an improvement on what the manufacture had done to his footrest. However they were very tiny and did not offer much protection. So he decided to replace the tiny wheels in the corner of the footrest with much larger roller-skate wheels. These larger wheels, in addition to offering more protection to his feet and the walls also looked much nicer on the chair.

Man adds footpads to his wheelchair to protect his feet

DarkRubyMoon can't walk. He's in a wheelchair and knows that caregivers are usually careful to ensure one's seat lands on the seat of the wheelchair, but they will just drop the feet once the person's seat has landed. She was worried about getting some bruises on the feet, which with the compromised circulation in the feet of a person with a disability can be quite serious. Wheelchair footrest, especially metal ones, can be very cold for bare feet as well.

Man builds set of portable ramps for his wheelchair

Eric uses a set of portable ramps to allow his wheelchair to get into homes and shops. As the store-bought ramps were very expensive and did not work well for his electric wheelchair (too narrow for the wheels and the weight of the wheelchair caused them to dangerously bend), his father built his own set of ramps that have worked very well for him.

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