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Parents build special stroller for their daughter with cerebral palsy

So when the parents were together, each one was responsible for one child and the respective vehicle.
However, when one of the parents was alone, it was impossible to be able to push, at the same time, a baby in a stroller and a child in tricycle. This is why they decided to create a bike stroller: the combination of a stroller and a small bike.
With an old bicycle and a stroller, they developed a low-cost bike stroller.

Parkinson’s disease patient stories and activities

Parkinson's UK recently published a film created with a group of people affected by Parkinson's who were diagnosed quite recently.
In this video you can hear how people living with Parkinson's tried to get informed about the condition and stay connected with the rest of the world, without hiding the disease.
Some of them suggested activities such as:
- exercising: playing golf, badminton, cycling, doing karate, swimming...
- cooking meals for themselves and for others
- singing
- dancing
- drawing and painting
- building railroad models

Father creates bionic organ for diabetic son

Ezy As Pressure Stocking Applicator









Body Spanner

"There are two significant problems with which the SMRT Bodyspanner system engages.

The first is that people of all kinds in all industries of all ages benefit from exercise that involves resistance (weight bearing/lifting) as well as stretching their body in safe ways to warm up for exercise, or cool down afterwards. Not only that, people also suffer from physical problems (strains, soreness, stress induced tension) that can be re-mediated or even fixed through physical therapy – soft tissue massage, musculo-skeletal and joint/nerve manipulation and mobilisation.

Father invents Drieyes, a device to keep children's eyes dry during shower

Drieyes is placed in position for the whole wetting, washing and rinsing process.

The child controls the sealing process by applying gentle pressure to the bulb/handles whilst remaining in an upright sitting position. This makes the hair washing process fun for the child by eliminating the fear of having to close their eyes as well as giving them a sense of control. It eliminates the necessity for the child to lie down in the water or to tilt their head back to wet and rinse.

Man develops device for wife who struggles with ingrown eyelashes

The Own Eye Magnifier is a device that enables the user to see their own eyes without glasses in extreme detail and in far superior clarity than a magnified mirror, helping them remove their ingrown eyelashes. Roy has a background in light mechanical engineering draughting.

The solution can be bought online and costs $250.00.

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Track Chair

The Track Chair was invented by Adrian and Alan Bidwell, father and son, and presented in the Australian television program from ABC, New Inventors.
The invention consists of a new driving mechanism design for manual wheelchairs which has two hand rims on each side allowing for control of both wheels on either side with just one hand.

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The IC Pole

The IC Pole "consists in a new design to assist intravenous administration, capable of performing in both intensive care and general ward environments. Its shielded wheels reduce the risk of trip accidents and prevent lines from becoming entangled. An ergonomic handle doubles as a mount for one or more infusion pumps and provides extra support and control for ambulating patients. The hooks can also be folded away when not in use.

Father adapts My Button E Mac for his son

As part of his therapy, the child needed to use Big Mac Buttons, which consist of large buttons that record and play back certain words or phrases. The individual just has to push the button with a pre-recorded saying like: "Help me". However, these are very expensive.
The father's desire of expanding his child's button vocabulary triggered the adaptation of the button into a multi-word recorder by using inexpensive materials, having a production cost of about $8 for each button

Squeezer for people with only one arm

Sander Klomp got a team together and adapted a regular soda can crusher into a dish rag squeezer for a colleague, Bart, who has a disability.
Bart only has one functioning arm and found that one of his day-to-day challenges was properly and easily squeezing a wet dish rag in the kitchen.
After coming up with the solution, the team shared all the plans and insctutions online, on the instructables website, so that anyone with disability can make use of this innovation.

Adapted tricyle

"mollytricycle" username in the instructables website, developed an Adaptive Tricycle for children with physical and cognitive challenges, like his son.
The adaptive tricycle helped his son move his legs as he recovered from a stroke that exacerbated the physical difficulties caused by his genetic disorder.
The father attached a seatbelt, heel cups (foot plates) and a handlebar to an off-the-shelf tricycle, and it all cost just about $25.

Adaptive Paddle

He has used his engineering skills to develop some adaptive solutions for people with disabilities.
The inventor designed a solution to help the disabled navigate in an outrigger with adapted paddles.
In this specific case, Pauric designed the adapted paddle for a kid named Josh who, because of his cerebral palsy, has very little control over his right hand and wrist movements.
This solution, and its plans and instructions, have been shared in the instructables website by user radiodental, and are available to anyone who might be interested.

Arm alarm

gtoal (instructables username) came up with a solution to avoid accidents.
After an operation, this patient was restricted by his doctor to keep his arm bellow shoulder level at all times.
This would be difficult for anyone to remember in their daily lives, and so this patient in particular developed his own solution to always be aware! It is called Arm Alarm.
To build it, one will need an anti-dozing driver alarm, also known as a nap alert (under $3), and velcro.

Hot plate on wheels

Eric Ovelgone came up with a solution for people with lack of strength in their arms or upper body.
This specific solution enables people in this condition to carry hot containers from the microwave onto the counter. It consists of a plate on wheels. Using the wheels of a toy car attached to a coaster/tray, hot food or drink can be easily rolled onto the kitchen counter, to where the item can then be used.

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2002年,路易斯·普兰特(Louis Plante)创立了他的公司Dymedso,用于研发他的技术产品 - 数控声学呼吸道清除装置Frequencer™。


Patient creates website to help cope with addictions

Sam created a website that maps the location and the schedule of different types of meetings, like the AA meetings. The web service is now being used in part of the East Coast of the USA. The general purpose is to make it easier for addicts to find the right meeting for their needs.

Mod - A walker for walking easier

This user from instructables goes by the name of nnewlon. A member of his family has developed some mobility problems leading to the need of using a walker.

Having some issues using the walker provided by the hospital, he started using the "Ultra-Light Rollator", made by Medline which had only one problem: the walker unfolded too easily since there was nothing to keep it folded. This makes the transportation of the walker, while not using it, way harder than it should.

Boy Creates a Bendable Ice Pack for First Aids

JimTiffinJr is the father of 10-year old boy and this innovation that he posted on instructables was designed by his little guy.

His boy explains how hard is to hold an ice pack on his hand or finger when he is hurt. So he thought about a Bendable Ice Pack to solve the problem of bending a hard ice pack.

He says it is great for quickly applying a little bit of first aid to bumps, bruises and scratches.

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