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Body Spanner

Salomé Azevedo 于 2014-11-27 14:47 分享

About the solution

"There are two significant problems with which the SMRT Bodyspanner system engages.

The first is that people of all kinds in all industries of all ages benefit from exercise that involves resistance (weight bearing/lifting) as well as stretching their body in safe ways to warm up for exercise, or cool down afterwards. Not only that, people also suffer from physical problems (strains, soreness, stress induced tension) that can be re-mediated or even fixed through physical therapy – soft tissue massage, musculo-skeletal and joint/nerve manipulation and mobilisation.

However, there is a second problem that leads from the first - physical therapists themselves are prone to overuse injuries of the fingers and hands, as well as the lower back, as a result of performing this physical therapy. It is a problem little studied however, and not significantly treated", he said.




The SMRT Bodyspanner was invented by Corey Mouatt and Dirk Harm, from Australia, and it is designed to bring a vast array of massage, stretching and resistance workout functionality to one easily transportable unit. Corey had the idea for this device after having sustained several injuries.

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