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Father creates bionic organ for diabetic son

Salomé Azevedo 于 2014-11-27 15:50 分享

About the solution

The device delivers precise amounts of the hormones that a non-diabetic pancreas produces naturally to keep blood sugar levels steady. This bionic pancreas is worn outside the body.
Through a sensor implanted beneath the skin keeps an eye on blood sugar levels and sends that information to an iPhone app. Five in five minutes, the app determines how much insulin or glucacon its wearer needs and sends a command to the device to deliver the hormones via one of two pumps.

“Our mission is to act always in the best possible interest of the type 1 diabetes community", the inventor said.

Ed is now trying to get his product approved by the FDA.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/1qsnlvX

More info: https://www.betabionics.org/



Ed Damiano, from USA, was inspired by his then 11-year-old son David, who has type-1-diabetes, and developed iLet in 2014. Ed wanted a device that could automatically deal with sudden dips and highs in blood sugar.

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