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One man came up with an idea of a startup that built an Amazon-like experience for getting home medical supplies

Shared by Maryna Zaporozhets on 2022-09-15 19:06

About the solution

Tomorrow Health startup was founded by healthcare expert Vijay Kedar and former chief technology officer Gabe Flateman.

Being in the healthcare industry, Vijay became familiar with the uphill battles that clinicians and insurers face trying to transit patients from the hospital to their homes. He also faced this problem when his mother, a stage 3 cancer patient, spent four months in the intensive care unit fighting acute respiratory distress syndrome. After her discharge, Kedar said his family was unprepared for the challenges of helping her transit to home-based care.

She needed a year of intensive home-based therapy and required a range of medical equipment and services such as portable oxygen, mobility support, wound care supplies, and physical and respiratory therapy. The family spent thousands on out-of-pocket costs for the equipment, which made Kedar realize that the system was broken and needed an overhaul change.
He teamed up with Gabe Flateman, co-founder and former chief technology officer at direct-to-consumer mattress company Casper, to build an infrastructure that aims to simplify the process of getting home health care supplies.
The company they co-founded, Tomorrow Health, works like the Amazon of home health care equipment.
Patients recovering from surgery or illness at home or managing a chronic condition can use the company's website to find the products they need. The platform navigates prior authorizations and insurance billing, and then ships the equipment directly to patients' homes in two business days.
To build the platform, the co-founders spent time digging into and understanding the industry. They talked to patients, physicians, and insurers to understand their challenges. They realized there were three areas where we needed to innovate—partnerships and collaboration, a tech-enabled operation, and exceptional patient experience.
The final aim of the start-up is to provide a holistic home care platform that works as a trusted partner to patients, families, physicians, and insurers to manage home-based care.

Learn more about the start-up here: https://home.tomorrowhealth.com/
This story was adapted from https://www.fiercehealthcare.com/tech/how-startup-tomorrow-health-built-...

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About the author

Gabe Flateman and Vijay Kedar founded Tomorrow Health start-up to provide a holistic home care platform that works as a trusted partner to patients and their families.

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