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Blind man develops social website for disabled people

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2019-09-13 15:13

About the solution

MDM is a free and accessible social website designed by and for disabled people.

Dale has been blind for over 30 years. He believes that social media is should be a virtual space for people to connect, but sites like Facebook and Instagram are not quite prepared to be used by disabled people, which lead them to feel isolated and neglected.

"Facebook, in particular, I find very difficult to use as a blind person," he explained.

“The MDM Club is for people from all countries. We welcome all people with a disability plus their family, friends and carers, and others who have a connection with disability. We also welcome those who work in the disability sector. Our members experience a wide range of disabilities including physical, sensory, autism, developmental and mental illness. Of course you only share and talk about your disability if you choose”, says on the website.

MDM allows people to connect, has a blog, a help centre, news and information on disabilities.

One of the website advantages is that it makes it easy to change the font size, the contrast or make it greyscale to help those with different vision needs. It helps visually impaired people by using a simple layout and descriptors to make it easy to navigate.

"We're not being exclusive to disabled people — friends, families, carers, associated businesses are welcome as well of course. We will continue to seek the feedback and involvement of the disability community to guide our future development, features and initiatives”, Dale observed.

The developer now plans to build a virtual space where people could share their frustrations and challenges.

Adapted from: https://ab.co/2lNKpIs

More info: https://mydisabilitymatters.club/

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About the author

Dale Reardon, from Australia, is blind. Because he thinks blind people and people with disabilities are neglected by social media, he created My Disability Matters (MDM), a social website for disabled people.

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