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Man invents motorised lift to help himself

Shared by JoanaSaraiva on 2019-09-03 20:50

About the solution

Jim has been a farmer his whole life. At 92, however, due to some problems with his knees, it became difficult to climb to the combine harvester. Despite his knees problem, Jim wasn’t going to give up on his passion. ‘You have to understand: I needed to pick my corn so this was going to get done’, he said.

The farmer looked for existent solutions that could help him get up in the cab, but they seemed very expensive.

That is when he came up with his solution. He created a motorised elevator to lift him up into the cab during the harvest season.

He built a platform where he can stand, and a motor which can lift him straight to where he can get in into the cab of the combine harvester. Almost all of his invention was built from spare parts he had in his shop.

First, beneath the combined platform, Jim mounted an all-terrain vehicle winch, running it over and under several pulleys. He then cut grooves into two pieces of pipe to hold the elevator steady and mounted them on the side of the combine. Lastly, he built a riding platform to carry him up or down, operated by remote control.

His grandson, Jimmy Sindelar, said: "he has had knee trouble in the past, but didn’t want it to stop him from being able to run the combine”.

It took him one week to build the elevator. ‘I still can’t believe how well it works’, his grandson commented.

Jimmy then shared his grandad’s innovation on the internet, with a very positive response from people.

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About the author

Jim Schippert, born in the USA, in 1926, is a farmer who invented a motorised lift to help him go up into his combine harvester after problems in his knees made it difficult for him to perform his job.

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