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Boy creates 3D printed mechanical hand for a teacher

Shared by Merle Schlottmann on 2017-04-06 11:51

About the solution

Calramon has always been interested in 3D printing. His interest arose from the Disney film “Big Hero 6”. When he met Nick in a library, he decided to take the challenge and assisted by his father and his brother, he developed a prosthetic hand for the man, printed on their own 3D printer.

A group of Nick’s friends has been searching for a way to help him by developing a 3D printed prosthesis for him. They had already started to work with “Enabling the Future”, a platform which enables users to use their own 3D printer at home by providing open source blueprints.

But then Calramon stepped in and printed the prosthesis with his family’s Makerbot simple metal 3D printer at home. The prosthesis consists of a gauntlet to hold the strings which are threaded through the parts of the fingers. The creation cost only $189.

Nick was extremely thankful and impressed by the boys’ skills.

Why did Calramon developed a prosthetic hand? “I like learning it”, explains the young boy.

As one of his father’s peers has lost an arm in an accident, they plan to help him next.

Calramon and his brother also have an own website, which aims to distribute parts for a quadcopter and they have a YouTube channel.

More info: http://www.brotherrobot.com

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2c80NdS

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About the author

Calramon Mabalot, born in 2007, in the USA, printed a 3D prosthetic arm for Nick Sissakis, who is a High School teacher. Calramon has always been interested in 3D printing and simply wanted to help Nick.

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