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Father invents app for autistic daughter

Ana Duarte 于 2017-03-14 11:27 分享

About the solution

“We discovered Sadie was autistic when she was two as she was not responding and interacting like you would expect at that age. It was a shock, but rather than feeling sorry for ourselves we decided we would do everything possible for Sadie,” he explained.

TippyTalk works by transferring images into text messages to allow non-verbal children to communicate more easily with their parents.

“It operates as three screens worked by touch buttons. On the first there is a picture of Emily and me. If Sadie wishes to communicate with either us, she touches one of our images on screen. On the second and third screen is a list of her desires, wants, needs and how she feels. For instance if she wants a particular food, she pushes a food image. Then on the third screen all her favourite foods come up”, the inventor explained.

Despite not being a cure, Rob assures the app has been helping Sadie feel less frustrated, improving her life.

Rob founded his company in 2015, and now the app is available for iOS and Android.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2lWkJbW

More info: http://www.tippy-talk.com/



Rob Laffan, from Ireland, has a daughter, Sadie, who is autistic. Her form of Autism means that she is unable to speak. So Rob developed TippyTalk, an app to help Sadie communicate.

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