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3D printed prosthetic finger

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2017-03-06 11:39

About the solution

“There is no building required. All you need is a string or something like string to thread threw the hole at the end and wrap around your wrist to keep secure”, the inventor wrote.

The design files can be downloaded for free.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2lvMTKK

This solution shall not include mention to the use of drugs, chemicals or biologicals (including food); invasive devices; offensive, commercial or inherently dangerous content. This solution was not medically validated. Proceed with caution! If you have any doubts, please consult with a health professional.

About the author

2018-ecameron (usernamed on Pinshaped) created a 3D printed prosthetic finger for a family friend who has a missing finger. He now uses the device everday.

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