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Woman invents cup to help her uncle who suffers from Parkinson’s disease

Ana Duarte 于 2016-09-15 14:56 分享

About the solution

The Nospill is a spill-proof cup to prevent people who have tremors from spilling their drinks. The invention is curved inward at the top to deflect the liquid back inside the cup in the event of a tremor. It also has a larger-than-normal handle.

“I made sure to make the cup something someone would actually want to use in public, rather than creating an antiseptic medical device that would make one feel more self-conscious. It looks like a cup that could be used by any clumsy person — and that makes it much more comforting for a person with Parkinson's to use”, Mileha explained.

The designer started working on her invention after she saw her uncle suffering from the shame of his condition. “He used to be the center of attention at all the family reunions, then he started to hide behind others. He hid from the pity he saw in people’s eyes”, she expressed.

After observing her uncle and interviewing him, in order to understand his limitations and needs, she designed the cup, which not only helps preventing the user from spilling drink, but it also helps them blend in socially.

“You have to imagine and create objects that meet the needs of people who are sick, who have disabilities”, Mileha observed.

The cup is easy to carry around, and can be bought online.

More info: http://nospill.weebly.com

Adapted from: http://huff.to/1T7o3YB

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Mileha Soneji, born in India, is a designer who lives in the Netherlands, and who created the Nospill cup, inspired by her uncle, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

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