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Amputated man invents prosthesis for surfing

Since childhood, Eric Dargent is a great ocean lover. After his accident in 2011, he developed a prosthesis which allows him to do surf again.

His passion for surfing took him across the most beautiful beaches on the world. In February 2011, he was surfing in Reunion Island, when a shark attacked him. In a matter of seconds, he lost his left leg.
To overcome the trauma, Eric decide to cling to his passion. “Few days after the accident, I wanted surfing again”, he said.

Man with disability invents a travel mode on snow and ice for disabled people

In 2004, Frédéric created a sledge intended to receive a wheelchair, called Lugicap, with two skis and a central adjustment. This innovation allows him to move easily on the snow. Few weeks later, he improves his invention and develops the Lugiglace, to move on ice.

Handiphone: a father invents a phone for his son with spinal muscular atrophy

Maxime was born in 2001, and he suffers from spinal muscular atrophy since his birth. Maxime uses an electric wheelchair and he’s really dependent on his parents. His disease allows him to control the joystick of his wheelchair, but he can’t hold a phone and contact his family by this way.
To give him more autonomy his father, Jean-Paul, created a new system called “Handiphone”. It allows Maxime to send text messages and call someone without making any movements. The phone reacts to the voice, which allows Maxime to control his phone.

Man creates a device to help his visually impaired wife to learn ski and snowboard

John’s wife is visually impaired. Despite of her disability, John wanted to share his passion for winter sport with his wife. In 1996, he sketched a design for an adaptive tool on a paper napkin, and he decided to create a new device called Sno-Wing.

“I had few ideas that there would be so many benefits for so many challenged users--including my wife.”, he recalled. This is why, in 1998, the Sno-Wing was patented.

Paraplegic invents wheelchair to allow disabled people to stand up

Anthony is paraplegic and passionate about golf. This is why he searched a way, during several weeks, to play golf again. After over a decade of research and development, he finally developed a special wheelchair which allows disabled people to stand up, called Paramobile.

Sister of a paraplegic man creates app to help disabled people

Audrey is the sister of a paraplegic man. When she wanted to go out with her brother she had to deal with accessibility problems. Lucas couldn’t do what he wanted because of lacks of accessibility. His sister decided to create a map on which disabled people can see if the accessibility is good or not in several places. The app is a kind of social media where everyone can share what they experienced. She called the app : “I Wheel Share”.

Visually impaired woman creates a newspaper for partially-sighted person

In 1997, Maryse published the first edition of her newspaper called “Mieux voir”. The aim is to make a newspaper accessible for visually impaired people. The typeface, the size and the thickness of the letters, the line space, and the contrast and the lighting of pictures are factors which make this periodical so special.
Maryse woke up one morning, in 1995, with a suboptimal central vision field, She discovered that she had contracted an Age-related Macular Degeneration. This disease is due to a dysfunction of macula, and it causes troubles in central vision field.

WatcHelp: Mom invents an app to increase the autonomy of her autistic son in the everyday life

Estelle is the mother of a child born in 2005, called Allan. Allan is autistic, he isn’t able to do tasks alone. He has to have someone to help him in the everyday life. In fact, people with special needs are very often deprived of what we care the most about: independence. This is why his mother Estelle invented an app which sends information to his connected watch. Allan can read what he has to do. In this way, WatcHelp allows Allan to be more independent.

Double amputee creates prosthesis for snowboarding and dancing

Amy loves life despite of her disability. To make her dreams come true, she developed several sorts of prosthesis. Initially, she created a prosthesis to practice snowboard. Later, she invented two prosthesis which allow her to dance.

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