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Man with disability invents a travel mode on snow and ice for disabled people

Elise Thioliere 于 2017-06-07 11:32 分享

About the solution

In 2004, Frédéric created a sledge intended to receive a wheelchair, called Lugicap, with two skis and a central adjustment. This innovation allows him to move easily on the snow. Few weeks later, he improves his invention and develops the Lugiglace, to move on ice.

Frédéric wanted to create the least possible disturbance in his family and help them as much as he could despite of his motor disability. However, during his holidays in ski resorts, he couldn’t cross a frozen car park easily with his wheelchair, or he couldn’t go by himself on ski slopes. For him, it was really frustrating. This is why this draftsman decided to create his own method of locomotion suitable for these particular grounds. Thus, Frédéric keeps the comfort of his own wheelchair while being free of his movement.

The Lugicap can be guided by the handles of the wheelchair or towed by a towing arm. It slides on the snow which prevent the wheelchair from sinking.
In turn, the Lugiglace can easily be maneuvered by a guide.

In 2006, Frédéric participated to the “Concours Lépine”, a contest where a huge amount of different innovations are presented to a jury composed of international experts. He won a prize, what encouraged him to commercialise his product.
To achieve his aim and due to the mass production, he had to solve different problems - which appeared with his desire to sell his innovation - and to improve the sledge: make it lighter, stronger and easier to handle.

Today, in France, several skating rink are equipped with the “Lugiglace”. This way, Frédéric’s invention increases the accessibility for disabled people and offers them the chance to experience the same adventures in every icy public place that anybody.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2qZNDX4

More info: http://bit.ly/2s7sIFJ


DISCLAIMER: This story was written by someone who is not the author of the solution, therefore please be advised that, although it was written with the utmost respect for the innovation and the innovator, there can be some incorrect statements. If you find any errors please contact the patient Innovation team via info@patient-innovation.com


Frédéric Martin was born in France and he lives with a motor disability. Troubles encountered in winter-resorts made him think about a device which allows his wheelchair to move more easily on the snow. In 2004, he created Lugicap and Lugiglace, two sledges which allow disabled people to move easily on snow and ice.

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