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Mother creates Potty Training Belt for children with proprioceptive difficulties

Shared by Rachel on 2014-08-14 18:12

About the solution

Rachel once was reading an article that contained an interview about an adult who was severely autistic, but who was able to communicate through typing. He was recalling his childhood when his mother would call to him from another room, and he just couldn't remember where his legs were or how to start walking. It wasn't until she came into the room and yelled at him to stand up that suddenly he remembered how to move his legs, stand up, and walk. This article inspired her to create a belt to help children with proprioceptive difficulties.

"People on the autism spectrum tend to have difficulty with proprioception (body awareness). Potty training can be especially difficult for kids on the spectrum. Sometimes they have a hard time paying attention to their bladder until it's too late", the inventor explained.

As a massage therapist, she's aware that touch can help improve and change proprioception. Her three year old son gets wrapped up in playing and doesn't want to stop in order to use the bathroom so she set about making something that would help remind him during the potty training process.

This belt doesn't potty train. It's meant to help potty training in a child with proprioceptive difficulties.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2iUl6iA

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About the author

Rachel Faul (supersoftdrink in instructables) has a son with Autism. She creates some life hacks to help herself and other people. In this case she created a belt to help children with proprioceptive difficulties.

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