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12-year-old boy invents a slip-on floor cleaner to help his mother

Shared by JoanaSaraiva on 2019-09-27 13:41

About the solution

Bodhisatva’s mother, Amruta, suffers from spondylosis and back pain. Noticing how she struggled to clean the bathroom floors, he decided to innovate.

The young inventor came up with the Swachchta Suvidha Brush. It consists of a slipper with a bathroom cleaning brush glued to the sole.

At first Bodhisatva used simply a cleaning brush attached to a discarded cycle tire. Then, he attached cotton belts to the wooden base to turn into a slipper. In his last upgrade he eventually attached a proper slipper to the brush.

The slipper can be used by those with disorders such as back pain, obesity, and spondylosis, who have difficulty bending down.

It is easy to use, ‘just slip on a pair of these, hold onto a support on the bathroom wall and move your feet around to clean the floor,’ says Amruta, who is very satisfied with the solution, ‘to my surprise, cleaning the floors had never seemed so easy and effortless’.

She has distributed her son’s invention among elder relatives.

The brush can be made spending only Rs 35 (0,45 euros) in India and lasts several months with regular use.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2m4kzAB

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About the author

Bodhisatva Ganesh Khanderao, born in 2007, in India, created the Swachchta Suvidha Brush to reduce his mother’s discomfort while doing housework.

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