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Boy invents devices to help physically disabled people ride bicycles with one leg

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2019-04-16 18:40

About the solution

The boy was driven to develop these inventions after he saw a video of a disabled person who modified a car for himself.

The devices Subh built include a detachable set of piston-cylindrical-spring-systems and a portable side stand, as people with physical disabilities and amputees have trouble balancing.

“I was inspired to work on this project when I saw a video where a physically-challenged person had modified a car for himself. He was driving using one leg,” the inventor explained.

Subh’s goal was also to make this a more affordable solution, as scooters and tricycle can be more expensive. This way, the patient can just use a normal bicycle and attach the device at their convenience. According to the innovator, these inventions don’t require any maintenance except for regular oiling. And it’s not necessary to change the bike: the person just attaches the devices.

The inventor was won the IGNITE 2014 Award and plans to work on these devices so that they are more comfortable to use and distribute to the disabled people from his community.

“This award means a lot to me. This recognition of my innovation will be useful for me and for the physically-challenged. Many people who can’t afford a tricycle can get to know about my project. This award provides a platform to spread the word about my project. The award feels like a lifetime achievement”, the boy noted.

Adapted from: http://bit.do/ePCyL

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About the author

Shubh Dholakiya, born and living in India, was a teenage student who created, in 2014, devices to help disabled people and/or amputees to ride bicycles.

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