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Father creates ‘Comfort Cart’ for daughter going through chemotherapy treatments

Katie Patient 于 2017-07-05 16:34 分享

About the solution

As Cardon watched his daughter, Elisabeth, undergo chemotherapy treatment for a rare brain tumour, all he wanted to do was ensure that she was as comfortable and happy as possible. During these efforts, Cardon created what he now calls the chemo ‘Comfort Cart’, an idea that stemmed from a simple wagon with a rolling IV post attached by a belt, but is now a product that will soon be accessible to more pediatric patients going through chemotherapy.

Through customizing this simple wagon by adding a portable battery for an iPad to play Elisabeth music or videos, cushioned lining and an attachment to connect the IV post securely to the back, Cardon has given his daughter more energy, and greater mobility, while keeping her comfortable and secure.

Cardon also discovered that what he meant to be a simple, fun way to sooth Elisabeth by wheeling her down the hallways, also minimises the need for the help of a nurse as she leaves the room, allowing Elisabeth’s parents to spend more time with her.

The impact of the Comfort Cart didn’t only surprise Cardon and his family, but also impressed staff at the hospital.

“I actually had so many doctors come up in the hospital saying, ‘Oh hey, this is amazing — where did you get it?’” Cardon recalls.

The positive reactions inspired Cardon to use his creativity to help other children going through chemotherapy and their families, and has begun a process to make it accessible to others, saying, “I have a team of people that are going to help me out. It’s getting the full utility patent — the whole nine yards.”

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2tSJkPF



Cardon Ellis’s one-year-old daughter Elisabeth, from USA, was found to have a rare cancerous brain tumour in February, 2017. The chemotherapy treatments took a large toll on her, and in an effort to make his daughter feel better, Cardon invented the Comfort Cart. The success of his cart incentivised Cardon to make carts that were available for more patients and families experiencing similar situations.

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