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Post Mastectomy / Post surgical drain bags

Marvin Jennifer... 于 2017-01-25 02:43 分享

About the solution

Our company offers post-mastectomy/post-surgical drain management solutions that are functional, stylish, and help reduce the risk of infection and tube entanglement. We offer a bag for daily use and one that can be used in the shower or bath. A unique aspect to our solution for managing JP drains after surgery is our patent pending clip that is attached inside the bags in order to properly secure the drain tubes. They are attached by velcro and are easily transferred from one bag to the other. Also, these clips allow one to adjust the slack of the drain tubes to prevent entanglement. Our solution is simple but profoundly helpful. It is our goal to help those struggling to manage their drains after surgery to have an easier recovery with less hassle and frustration.

For more information feel free to visit our website at www.iinspirellc.com

Jennifer Baker

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My name is Jennifer Baker, and I am a breast cancer survivor since July of 2012. After my latissimus flap surgery, I was frustrated because I had nothing to manage my drains. The tubes kept getting caught on things and it hurt! It was out of frustration that my husband came up with the idea of a fanny pack style bag to hold the drains and one to use in the shower and bath. He then designed a clip that is currently patent pending that helps to secure the drain tubes and keep them from getting caught on things. We have received great feedback from patients and we love helping others!

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