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Wheelchair user invents robotic shopping cart

Shared by Ana Duarte on 2017-01-09 11:28

About the solution

Wii Go circulates easily through the corridors and shelves. The groceries are put inside a bag or a box carried by the robot, and it is always following the owner. It identifies the obstacles in the way, allowing the user to shop around with having to drive the cart. In order to use it, the owner has just to place himself in front of the robot, and press start. In a few seconds, the Wii Go cameras make a 3D recognition of the user as the person to follow around. The robot will always be following the owner, keeping a safety distance and avoiding obstacles along the way.

“The utilization of this modern shopping cart should be free. For most people, technology makes things easier; For disabled people, it makes things possible”, the engineer affirmed.

Luis de Matos is also an entrepreneur, having founded Follow Inspiration, a tech company, in 2012, right after finishing college.

“It is imperative to get the attention from the retailers about the features of this kind of technologies, but there also change to be made in the Portuguese stores. There are stores in Portugal in which a wheelchair user can’t navigate because it is too stuffed. These behaviors have to change”, Luís explained.

Follow Inspiration intents to produce Wii Go in Portugal, having the partners already selected.

“We believe our technology can accelerate business and, above all, improve people’s lives”, the inventor stated.

Adapted from: http://followinspiration.pt/noticia_expresso.pdf

More info: http://www.followinspiration.pt

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About the author

Luís de Matos, born in Portugal, is an informatic engineer and wheelchair user who invented Wii Go, a robot that follows its owner while shopping, to help with the groceries. Luis created this solution because going shopping was always very difficult for him.

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