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Teen develops workout gear for his mother

Ana Duarte 于 2016-11-17 16:24 分享

About the solution

Being deaf and suffering from Type 1 Diabetes, Joe started creating this work gear while he was still in highschool. His mother is a teacher who had surgery on her wrists, which means that she can’t lift more than two pounds at a time.

Joe decided to invent this equipment to help his mother during her physical therapy, as well as other who are limited due to a physical disability.

“What about people who are older, so their wrists are weaker, or they have arthritis or a sore back or they’re obese?”, the inventor questioned. “Somebody could help them, and that’s what I’m trying to do. The dream is giving everybody, regardless of what physical challenge they have, an equal opportunity to work out”.

Joe starting working on a prototype for the gear, using the high school 3D printer.

After winning him the first Next Generation Entrepreneurs Award, a $10,000 grant from the Pinellas Education Foundation, Joe kept developing more prototypes, and is trying to make is way into the market by founding his own company - SleppSolutions, LLC.

“Everybody hoorahs when they find out I’m only 17, and it’s given me tons of support,” the entrepreneur expressed. “Life is full of infinite opportunities which create infinite possibilities. I learned that anything can happen and just because we’re high schoolers, that doesn’t mean nothing.”

More info: http://www.freehandfitness.com

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2fZq0bk

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Joe Sleppy, born in 1997, in USA, invented exercise equipment for people with physical disabilities, inspired by his mother, who suffers from Carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition which causes pain, numbness and tingliss in the hand, and somestimes extend to the arm. This training devices allow disabled users to perform workout such as pushups, rows, planks, etc.

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