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Feelif is a multimedia device for blind and visually impaired people

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About the solution

Feelif is our disruptive social innovation invented under the strong impression and faith that we can empower blind and visually impaired through our device. We are enabling them to read, write, draw, learn (game-based learning), be creative (create own content).
We have developed 3 segments: Feelif devices, Special multisensory haptic digital content for Feelif device (educational and for entertainment) and Feelif Open Platform / Feelif Community. Feelif devices are specially made for using the special multisensory haptic digital content. Through a complex app enabling voices, vibrations and sounds blind and visually impaired can comprehend special multisensory haptic digital content with the help of a specific transparent relief grid on top of the touchscreen. Feelif devices come in 3 models. Feelif Gamer can be used mostly for playing multisensory haptic digital games and reading interactive stories.
Feelif Creator and Feelif Pro can be used for all types of multisensory haptic digital content, where a bigger touchscreen is necessary for a rich multisensory haptic experience. Especially it is useful for multisensory haptic educational content.
With no special adaptations, our Feelif devices can be used as a smartphone or smart tablet. TECHNOLOGY: Raised dots, which are used in Braille alphabet, are converted into vibrations on a flat screen. Special relief grid, which is on top of the touchscreen, allows each user to get the feeling of space on a flat touch screen (orientation). With its help, each user can touch precisely a particular part of the screen. Vibrations signal the user which part of the screen is "raised". So, by moving a finger across the surface the user can feel vibrations where raised dots should be as if he/she would touch embossed paper. By following the vibration the user moves his/her finger over contours of the object. User's brain interprets that as a shape, so he/she can recognize what he/she is touching. For better user’s experience, Feelif devices also use speech and sounds which tells the user which way the line (shape) is going.
Feelif was developed in strong cooperation of teachers, blind and visually impaired children and their parents.
Special multisensory haptic digital content: It's dedicated for blind and visually impaired, designed especially for Feelif devices.
With our special content the Feelif device became an amazing tool for drawing, feeling shapes (e. g. square, heart) and geometric functions, learning Braille, watching interactive stories, expressing yourself by creating content and playing games, even online.
Feelif Open Platform: It's a marketplace for multisensory haptic digital content for Feelif device. The platform will unite all stakeholders: blind and visually impaired, parents, caretakers, teachers, content creators and other software developers who will develop content for Feelif.
At the platform content for Feelif can be shared, sold or bought.



It all started on November 2013, when Željko Khermayer watched broadcast about Deaf Blind People and how they live with disability. He was deeply moved but also horrified, that those people are so lonely. Namely, available technology for communications is so expensive, that is unreachable for most people. Under strong impression and faith, that our 4WEB d.o.o. team (consists of experts in internet technologies, software development, marketing and creative design) can help those people, he started to search for solution. Željko Khermayer is CEO and owner of company 4WEB d.o.o., Ljubljana, SI.

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