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Girl gets insulin pump on her doll to match her own

Ana Duarte 于 2015-12-11 16:57 分享

About the solution

Madilynn said, “It makes me feel comfortable, and it feels like I have someone else in the family who has diabetes too.”

Her mother Kellie saw on David’s facebook page that he had bought a 3D printer, so she asked if he could make an insulin pump for her daughter’s doll.

Kellie says she's asked American Girl to make diabetic supplies for a while.

Kellie said, “That’s what American Girl is about - make your doll like you - you can have glasses, you can have hearing aids, wheelchairs, food allergies, epi-pens... But they don’t have an insulin pump.” She added, “Luckily I had a good friend that can make that happen.”

Rinaldi made this insulin pump, a blood sugar transmitter, and receiver for a doll that is now just like Madilynn.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2fL1zl6

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Madilynn McClanahan, from USA, has diabetes. Her pump delivers insulin to her 24-7. David Rinaldi, her mother’s friend, made her doll a pump to match her own with his 3D printer.

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