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Diabetic creates app to manage diabetes

Ana Duarte 于 2015-11-18 09:56 分享

About the solution

More recently, this patient created Meal Memory – a free app, available for iOS and Android, that helps the users understand how their meals affect their blood sugar.

“As a patient, I’m really excited about new tools like this built on open data streams. I started Databetes because I wanted an easier way to make sense of all my readings. I enjoy that it takes even less work to save a meal and see its effect on my blood sugar, that the whole process is as easy as taking a picture”, the inventor explained.

The app has the following features:

• Makes it easy to record a meal and what it did to your blood sugar. Recalling this information is easy, helping you manage that meal more accurately the next time you eat it.
• Recording a meal starts with a photo. Add a carb count and a pre-meal blood sugar just as quickly. Two hours later, we’ll ask for a post-meal blood sugar to help you understand that meal’s effect.
• Can auto-sync blood sugar readings from your Dexcom CGM and other devices to your meal entries, effortlessly adding hours of data for you in the background.

Adapted from: http://databetic.com/

More info: http://www.databetes.com/



Doug Kanter, born in 1973, in USA, is a patient with type-1 diabetes. Doug founded Databetes, a self-management support software for diabetes patients and doctors, in 2010.

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