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Hot - Cold Therapy

Louis 于 2015-10-08 20:04 分享

About the solution

I would like to present a temporary solution to the stinging pain that patient experience. The application of Hot/Cold surface to the aching joints seems to be helping for the pain. I tried to keep in mind to give a certain liberty to the patient, trying to move a bit through the pain.
I fabricated pouches filled with barley grains. Those pouches can be heated up in a microwave or cooled down in a freezer. Then these pouches are applied to the body on the aching joints, switching every 15 minutes from hot to cold and then hot again.


- A sowing machine
- Some kind of velcro
- Some garment
- A shirt
- Barley grains
- A microwave
- A freezer
+ A day or two of work

Use a pen and paper to draw the real thing before sowing it up. Put the paper over the joint, outline the region using the pen, this will give you a shape. With the sowing machine, sow some kind of pockets that are going to cover the aching joints. You can make some compartments in the pockets. Make 2 pockets per joints (one for the Hot and one for the Cold).
On those pockets sow in place some Velcro patches.
Before closing the pockets, fill 1/3 of the pockets with the barley grains. If you made compartments make sure the grains can enter and exit the compartments freely.
On the Shirt, sow in place the other side of the Velcro (where the pockets are going to cover).
Put the pockets filled with grains in the microwave to heat them up (about 90 seconds per pocket). – Be careful it will become hot! For the cold pocket, put them in the freezer for one hour to cool them down.
Attach the pockets to the shirt.
The Velcro prevents the pocket from sliding around.


I had the chance to test the solution, I have some kind of arthritis due to Cystic Fibrosis; during the application of the hot pockets, I was able to move around a little bit, it really eased everything.
Be careful and mindful, never apply the hot pocket on infant, or unresponsive patient. Always consult with a doctor about a new solution. This solution is only a proposition. Individual cases may require modification. I would like to hear from you if you are trying the solution, be at ease to modify it! This is an open-minded community!

Louis Plante




Hello Patient Innovation!

Here is my proposition for Arthritis Rheumatoid (AR). After reading quite a bit on the subject, after much consideration and understanding of what affliction AR patient are facing with, I soon realized that, unfortunately, the medical community does not suggest much solutions without involving some kind of medication.
AR affects the joints all over the body: shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, neck, ankles, wrist, fingers and toes.


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