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Hormona: a woman-funded solution for hormone management and health awareness

Shared by Gemma Tria on 2024-05-07 15:15

About the solution

Karolina Löfqvist went through a tough time dealing with undiagnosed hormone-related problems like weight changes, hair loss, and feeling depressed. Eventually, she found out she had hormone imbalances, including a slow thyroid. This experience led her to found the app known as Hormona in 2019 alongside her friend Jasmine Tagesson, with the goal of helping women with similar issues.

Hormona is an app available both on the Apple Store and Google Play, designed to provide women with personalized tools and information to manage their hormonal health effectively. Developed to address the pressing need for accessible solutions in women's healthcare, Hormona has lots of different features.

Hormona's Symptom Tracking feature lets users keep a close eye on how they’re feeling, both physically and mentally, as their hormones change. Whether it's mood swings or feeling achy, this feature helps users to understand their body better, so they can make smart choices about their health. Complementing that is Hormona's Cycle Monitoring functionality, which gives users a detailed look at their menstrual cycles.

A highlight of Hormona is its innovative AI-powered At-Home Hormone Tests. These tests, which are currently being tested, provide instant hormone insights in just 15 minutes, specifically designed for use at home. The tests are convenient, accurate, and pain-free, seamlessly integrating with the app. Users can quickly access real-time information about their hormonal health, allowing them to take proactive steps to manage their well-being.

The app also gives users access to personalized 12 weeks programs created by experts. They're made to target certain hormone-related health issues, giving users clear steps to improve their well-being.

Hormona acts as an educational platform, providing learning modules on topics like the endocrine system, menstrual cycle, and hormonal health. Additionally, the app offers personalized recipes and shopping lists for each phase of the menstrual cycle, rounding out the health information available to users.

Through Hormona, Karolina and Jasmine aim to help women worldwide by providing accessible tools to understand and manage their hormonal health effectively, bridging the gap between traditional healthcare and modern technology. It's important to clarify that these solutions aren't used in clinical practice but offer valuable resources for proactive self-care.

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About the author

Karolina Lofqvist, coming from Sweden, and Jasmine Tagesson, a native of Britain, form the team behind Hormona. With Karolina's personal journey battling hormone-related health issues as motivation and Jasmine's background in creative direction, they lead Hormona with a shared vision of promoting women's health literacy worldwide.

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