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Father invents Speaks4me® - an electronic communication and voice output application device

Patricia Pereira 于 2015-06-21 13:56 分享

About the solution

Speaks4me allows the user to choose images in order to communicate needs or thoughts. And while it's a pretty simple system, it might make quite a difference in the life of someone who was previously unable to express himself in a manner that could be understood by those around him.

Speaks4me® is easy to learn and use, simply “drag & drop” the required picture image(s) from the main window to the “virtual” sentence strip to create a single or correctly structured multiple word sentence, then press “Speak” and Speaks4me® will speak the words.

As speaks4me® is similar to the Picture Exchange Communication System or PECS™; it will be easily recognisable to children or adults already familiar with it and allow seamless transition and progression.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2t2H2f9

More info: http://www.speaks4me.com/



Callum Lodge, 11, has severe autism and learning disabilities and he is unable to talk. In order to allow his son to communicate with the world around him, his father, Stephen Lodge, from UK, developed Speaks4me, an electronic communication system.

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