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Patient develops male peak flow device for the detection of lower urinary tract symptoms

Marie Esmenio 于 2014-10-31 14:41 分享

About the solution

Doug had been referred to hospital for urine flow tests and diagnosed with benign prostatic enlargement - where the gland around the urethra grows and restricts urine flow. But he was put off by the huge (and expensive) computer monitoring system placed on top of the lavatory to monitor flow as he passed water. His consultant agreed, saying many men felt too nervous to give an accurate sample.

So Doug developed the Uflow, a clear plastic funnel with markings. Men urinate into it to see if they can fill it faster than it empties. The higher the urine rises in the device, the higher the speed of flow, indicating to doctors whether they need treatment.

To simplify the procedure, the UFlow™ Meter has three sections. If the highest level of flow is in the lowest section (<10ml/sec), a severe constriction or obstruction is highly probable, whereas a flow level in the central section indicates a lesser obstruction that should be monitored. A peak flow level in the third section or higher (>15ml/sec) would generally be accepted as normal.

Adapted from: http://dailym.ai/2gK8UP0

More info: www.mdti.co.uk



Doug Newton, born in UK, in 1946, is a science and technology professor who has been diagnosed with benign prostatic enlargement. He developed UFlow, a male peak flow device for the detection of lower urinary tract symptoms.

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