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Man suffering from shoulder pain invents device to cope with pain

Ana Duarte 于 2018-05-18 10:45 分享

About the solution

The brace aims to offer gentle traction so it can keep from pinching off blood flow to the rotator cuff area while laying down.

Michael was suffering from shoulder pain, which was limiting his movements. He was also having trouble sleeping. He did physical therapy and shoulder steroid injections, but the pain kept coming back.

Until one night, when he took his arm, held it down and noticed he felt better, as he woke up on the next morning with no pain. “To provide some jury rig traction through the night, I held it in that position with an Ace bandage tied around my wrist and to the end of the bed. The ensuing response was the best my shoulder felt in some time”, the physician explained.

The first solution was a makeshift traction device made out of bandages to keep his shoulder and arm in the position. Within days of using this system, the pain was practically gone.

“I formulated a basic strap system that provided some traction when attached to the leg and the wrist. My patients responded remarkably well. So at that point, I wanted to take the treatment a step further and back it with research.”

Then he developed a brace and tested in on patients with shoulder pain. After more prototypes and research, he trademarked and patented the device. Michael had it sold in local markets and also online.

Adapted from: https://bit.ly/2KC7W6h

More info: http://www.rotatoreliever.com



Michael Carroll, from USA, is a medical doctor (but also a patient) who was seeing patients with shoulder pain while dealing with the same problem. In 2010, he invented the Rotatoreliever, a nighttime brace that stops the damage that occurs to the shoulder during sleep.

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