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Man develops bumper for his wheelchair

Eric 于 2014-07-24 17:36 分享

About the solution

After designing a custom footrest for his wheelchair, Eric decided to improve it by adding bumpers. The first bumpers he designed were an improvement on what the manufacture had done to his footrest. However they were very tiny and did not offer much protection. So he decided to replace the tiny wheels in the corner of the footrest with much larger roller-skate wheels. These larger wheels, in addition to offering more protection to his feet and the walls also looked much nicer on the chair.

This bumper is a bit like a spare parachute for a sky-diver. It is good to have, but you should hope never to use it. He ran into a few walls since attaching these wheels and what the bumper tends to do is if you hit a wall at an angle, most times it pushes the front end of the chair over without leaving marks on walls. It offers some protection to the feet in a direct hit of a wall, but not much. Primarily, these bumpers will protect what your hitting, and not you... but at the same time, they offer enough protection that he personally thinks they ought to be standard equipment on all wheelchairs.

Adapted from: http://bit.ly/2kjREFo



Eric Ovelgone (DarkRubyMoon on Instructables) is a man with mobility issues. He's in a wheelchair and throughout his life he has been developing some tricks to improve the life quality of hims and of people in the same situation as well.

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