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Parents find a dog to carry an oxygen tank for their daughter

Marie Esmenio 于 2014-06-20 16:52 分享

About the solution

Little Alida was diagnosed with NEHI when she was only eight months old. To her parents, Aaron and Debbie Knobloch, this meant that even a walk in the park would be very difficult because the equipment was too heavy for the daughter to carry by herself.

As parents they wanted to do something to help their daughter, to give her some independece, to be able to walk around despite having a tube trailing her at all times.

While watching a TV show about "service dogs", like the ones who help blind people, the couple realized that a dog like that could be trained to help Alida. The list for service dogs was really long and the family didn't want to take one away from someone else who might need it more on the list. So they adopted Mr Gibbs, a golden doodle and thanks to the trainer Ashleigh Kinsley, Mr Gibbs now acts like Alida's life saver. They even play and run around together!

"He's still learning, he's very much a puppy in some ways, playful and gangly. But when he wears the vest, he's all business and does really well, even in public." - said Alida's father about the dog.

Adapted from: http://dailym.ai/2jr2KVi



Aaron and Debbie Knobloch, from UK, have a daughter neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy (NEHI). They thought about a dog to help their little child carrying an oxygen tank.

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