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Anti-suffocation pillow

Ana Duarte 于 2015-12-28 10:23 分享

About the solution

The aim of the pillow is to reduce the risk of suffocation. It also indirectly helps to reduce anxiety, fear, and stress, so people can sleep better. Professionals have decreed that anti suffocation pillows are highly recommended and no epileptic patient should sleep on a classic pillow or a soft mattress for the purpose of prevention.

“Death from suffocation can result within minutes when a child or adult suffering a seizure becomes entrapped in an ordinary pillow which blocks their nose and mouth.
Solution: Anti-suffocation pillow!”, it says on the oficial website.

The Anti-suffocation pillow is free.

More info: http://esuk.uk.com/

Adapted from: http://www.bespoken.me/forum/topics/the-anti-suffocation-pillow

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Sallieann Gould and Vicki Evans, from UK, are mothers whose children have epilepsy. They are the founders of Epilepsy sucks UK is a non-profit organisation, and they created the Anti-suffocation pillow, which is a way to reduce nocturnal seizure related deaths.

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