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Son developed a therapy with music and image to help his father with Alzheimer's disease

Jo Roth 于 2014-05-09 16:34 分享

About the solution

The goal of any Alzheimer’s therapy is to help the person maintain a better quality of life. This is what he wants for his dad, and this is why he developed therapy streams using music and images. Music is an amazing tool that promotes interactive communication. Rhythm cues are felt in the motor center of our brains, a part of the brain that is intact late into the disease’s progression. Many people associate music with important events and emotions (i.e. a wedding song), helping to create happy and calming feelings.

Adapted from: http://www.medstartr.com/project/detail/161



Mike Antonuci's father has early onset Alzheimer’s. There is no situation that has made him feel more helpless than watching his father, a man who he has admired his whole life for his wit and intelligence, lose his ability to simply remember and communicate with him.

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